Tioelast TM

It is two-component polysulfide sealant used for the manufacture of thermal insulation glass and thermal insulation glass filled with gas.
TIOELAST TM is an elastic two-component polysulfide sealant for the construction of insulating glass units.

It is particularly recommended when thermal insulation glass should be quickly transported and incorporated.

  • cartridge: 450 ml; 0,6 kg
  • dose: 2,5 l; 4 kg
  • barrel: 203,5 l
  • secondary sealant for the construction of insulating glass units,
  • it is especially recomended when the insulating glass unit has to be transported and installed quickly, for example after 6 hours,
  • because of its low water vapour and gass transmission rate it is highly suitable for the construstion of gass-filled heat insulating glass units.