Tioelast KOS

It is permanently flexible two-component polysulfide sealant used for sealing chemically loaded expansion joints.
TIOELAST KOS is a permanently elastic two-component sealant on the basis of polysulfide. It used for sealing joints subjected to greater chemical stress.

It is suitable for sealing expansion joints where chemical leakage may occur – in industrial halls, safety overflow basins and petrol filling stations. It is resistant to time limited effects of water, salt water, petroleum derivates (petrol, motor oil) and diluted leaches and organic acids.

  • cartridge: 450 ml; 0,6 kg
  • dose: 2,5 l; 4 kg
  • dilatation joints in construction subjected to chemical stress,
  • sealing joints in production halls where chemical spilling can occur,
  • sealing joints in gathering pools,
  • sealing joints on petrol stations and airports.