Tekatrak 3 in1

It is used for complete sealing of joints between windows or between external doors and facade – in one stage.
TEKATRAK 3in1 is a product which quickly and completely seals the joint between the window or external doors and the wall in accordance to standard DIN 4108-7 and RAL guidelines. A special composition of TEKATRAK TRISAVE allows a one-step sealing contributing to a considerate economy of both time and money.

It replaces all three sealing products for three-layer sealing with only one product – time saving and can be used everywhere where it can be ensured that the joint width is within the tape expansion range.


  • 70 mm / 5–10 mm x 8 m
  • 70 mm/ 10–20 mm x 4,5 m

Other dimensions may be delivered within three weeks.


Condition: inside tighter than outside is met with elastic sealing tape, which is air and diffusion tight on the inside (grey), and a vapour-permeable selfexpanding tape, resistant to wind and rain, on the outside (black).  

In this way the penetration of rain into the joint is prevented and resistance to UV light is ensured as well as optimal expansion and shrinkage being the result of shrinkage and expansion of individual elements of the building.