Tekafolija in / out

It is used for sealing joints under shelves during the incorporation of external-, balcony- and panoramic doors.
TEKAFOLIJA OUT – sealing membrane made from EPDM ensuring excellent and compact sealing during mounting of various elements on facades.

TEKAFOLIJA IN – sealing membrane made from butyl rubber offering excellent blockade for gases, air and water and is as such an ideal material for internal sealing.


  • 300 mm x 0,8 mm x 20 m
  • 1500 mm x 0,8 mm x 20 m

Other dimensions may be delivered within three weeks.

  • OUT on the outside – IN on the inside.
  • Due to wide range of thicknesses and widths it is appropriate especially for mounting of external and balcony doors and panoramic windows.
  • Due to various mounting techniques they can be used on any kind of surface.