Tekasol Silicone Spray

It is used for greasing, protection and also for separate the substances from the mould.
It is a universal silicone spray used as a separating substance in the treatment and manufacture of plastics, rubber, metals …

It is used at work with plastics, wood and metal. A very thin layer of silicone film is formed on the surface to protect and lubricate the surface. It is particularly suitable for models intended for various techniques of product treatment, e.g. spraying, pressing, pouring ...

Aerosol can: 400 ml

It can be used with plastic materials as polyamid, polyethilene, polystiren, polyurethane, polyvynilchloride, fenoplasts and aminoplasts.

Tekasil silicone spray is used in nozzle treatment where it prevents mixing and crust occuring. Model treatment with the spray allows better demoulding, especially with large models.