Tekasil Neutral Profi

It is used for installing of glass into wood, aluminium and PVC frames, as well as for sealing expansion joints.
Tekasil Neutral Profi is a permanently elastic, neutral silicone one-component sealant used for installing glass into wooden, aluminum or PVC frames and for sealing dilation joints.

It has a good adhesion on glass, wood, concrete, ceramics, aluminium, brick, metal, porcelain, clinker and most plastics. It is suitable for filling and gluing in electric, machine and vehicles industry as well as in shipbuilding. We recommend previous testing. It is UV resistant. It does not cause corrosion.
  • cartridge: 300 ml
  • sausage: 400 ml, 600 ml
  • tube: 60 ml
  • glazing,
  • installing glass into wooden, aluminum or PVC frames,
  • dilatation joints in construction,
  • for sealing joint of various materials (glass, wood, concrete, stone, ceramics, metal, aluminum, most plastics),
  • suitable for polycarbon glass.