Tekasil Firestop

It is used for sealing joints and cracks where fire resistant sealant is required.
Tekasil Fire Stop is a neutral onecomponent silicone sealant suitable for sealing joints, which prevents the spreading mof fire, smoke, poisonous gases and waterm in the event of fire.

These are joint gaps around fire doors, openings for pipes and cables through walls and floors. In case of fire, it prevents the fire, smoke and toxic gases from spreading. It is hardly flammable. It adheres excellently to glass, wood, aluminium, steel, brick and concrete.

Cartridge: 300 ml
  • Due to excellent adaptation characteristics this is an ideal product for joints where despite
    the impact of fire the loss of adhesion must not occur.
  • For sealing joints between various materials (glass, wood, concrete, brick, stone, ceramics, steel, aluminum, most plastics) where there is danger of fire:
    - joints around fire doors,
    - wall penetrations for cables or pipes,
    - dilatation joints.