Tekasil Cleanroom

For sealing in facilities with high hygienic requirements.

TEKASIL CLEANROOM is a permanently-elastic, neutral sealant with excellent adhesion to most construction materials (concrete, brick, wood, steel, aluminium, most plastics (PVC, ABS, polycarbonate), foam concrete, ceramics, gypsum boards, glass, clinker, iron, porcelain, Styrofoam, enamel etc.).

It achieves excellent mechanical properties after hardening. It does not cause corrosion, it is resistant to a wide range of chemicals as well as cleaning agents and disinfectants; it is resistant to weather conditions, UV radiation and ageing. It does not slump in vertical joints. Excellent adhesion to various types of paints and coats.

  • cartridge: 300 ml
  • sausage: 400 ml, 600 ml
  • barrel: 250 kg

• Excellent for sealing joints in places which require a high level of hygiene: hospitals, cold storages, kitchens, laboratories, pharmaceutical industry.

• Excellent for use in the food industry, although direct contact with the foodstuffs is not recommended.

• Sealing joints between different materials: glass, wood, concrete, brick, stone, ceramics, steel, aluminium, most plastics.

• Sealing in ventilation systems.