Tekapur Construction Adhesive

It is used for building partition walls and gluing various construction materials.

It can be used as an excellent substitution for mortar. It has good adhesion to bricks, concrete, gas concrete, stone, wood and other construction and insulation materials. It provides fast, simple and effective execution of works.


Aerosol can: 800 ml


Polyurethane adhesive is used only for construction partition walls, not load-bearing walls. The bricks or blocks should be clean. First moisten the bricks (thermo block) and apply the polyurethane adhesive into 1 or 2 parallel strips 3 - 4 cm wide. Distance between parallel strips should be 5-10 cm for blocks wider than 20 cm. After applying PU adhesive you should wait 3 – 7 min before fixing a brick or a block. When the block is placed on the adhesive, then it can’t be moved anymore. For proper work don’t apply more than 2-3 meters of adhesive at ones. Whit one can (800 ml) we can glue 30 – 35 meters of blocks (2 – 3 cm adhesive bead).