Tekapur Bitumen Adhesive

It is used for fastening insulation materials onto external sides of basement walls impregnated with bitumen materials.
Tekapur Bitumen Adhesive is low-expanding, one-component polyurethane foam suitable for fastening insulation materials with the help of a gun for PU foam. The foam hardens due to air humidity.

It has good adhesion to Styrofoam, Styrodur and bitumen insulation materials. It enables simple use and provides additional thermal insulation.


Aerosol can: 800 ml


Because of low expansion and good adhesion is polyurethane adhesive used for fixing and gluing insulation materials in basements where are the walls impregnated with bitumen materials.

Apply the polyurethane adhesive onto a insulation plate in three horizontal lines, which has the same interval between  lines. Side lines should be applied 3 - 5 cm from edge of the board. After applying polyurethane adhesive onto the insulation plate, you should wait one minute before fixing it onto the grounding. Leveling of plates can be done in 10 to 15 minutes after fixation. Holes and rifts can be also filled with polyurethane adhesive. After polyurethane adhesive get mechanical characteristics, we can continue with mechanical fixation. In less than 14 days boards must be filled up with ground or other drainage material, because polyurethane adhesive is used only to fix insulation plates.

With one can 800 ml is possible to fasten 8 -12 m2 of insulation material.