Tekapur HQ Fast

For quick gluing of building materials and insulation panels.

Tekapur HQ Fast is a one-component polyurethane adhesive that hardens and fastens very quickly. It is suitable for simple, fast, clean and efficient gluing of various building materials (wood, concrete, aerated concrete, brick, metal, plasterboards, aluminum) and insulation panels (styrofoam, polystyrene foam, rock wool).

Advantages of using Tekapur HQ Fast polyurethane adhesive:

  • fast curing;
  • polyurethane adhesive of high final strength;
  • resistant to humidity and low temperatures;
  • suitable for gluing on vertical and horizontal surfaces;
  • expands very little, which ensures the stability of the glued elements;
  • waterproof, because due to its system, the maximum water absorption is 1%;
  • easy to use.



Aerosol can: 750 ml


Due to low expansion, good adhesion, and fast curing, polyurethane adhesive is used for fastening and gluing various building materials such as wooden stairs, window sills, insulation materials, hangers, etc. The precise application of the polyurethane adhesive and fast curing allows faster completion of final works and economical consumption.