Tekaflex PU 40

It is used for sealing and gluing metal materials.
TEKAFLEX PU 40 for use in construction is a one-component polyurethane sealant for sealing dilatation joints in construction and for gluing construction and metal materials.

It may bond window frames, roofing tiles and floor tiles. It is also suitable for sealing in containers, cisterns, silos and aluminium structures. It is resistant to various weather conditions. It can be painted.

  • cartridge: 310 ml
  • sausage: 600 ml
  • dilatation joints in construction,
  • sealing and gluing metal and construction materials,
  • for gluing window frames, light construction materials, roofing tiles, floor panels. For sealing joints in vacuum systems, in networks of compressed air, containers, silos, aluminum constructions, sewage systems.