Tekaflex MS 40

It is used for sealing and gluing all types of construction materials.
TEKAFLEX MS 40 for metals is a one-component sealant and glue on the basis of a hybrid MS polymer for sealing and gluing most construction, metal and plastic materials. It is environment friendly.

It is also suitable for gluing construction under vibration, for sealing joints gaps vacuum systems, for aluminium structures, containers, cisterns, silos. It has excellent mechanical properties. It is resistant to various weather conditions and UV. It can be painted.

  • cartridge: 290 ml
  • sausage: 600 ml
  • for dilatation joints in construction, car industry, boat making,
  • sealing and gluing various materials,
  • for panel gluing, roofing. For gluing constructions under vibrations,
  • for sealing joints in vacuum systems, in networks containing compressed air, containers, cisterns, silos, aluminum constructions.