Tekaflex MS 15

It is used for sealing almost all materials – external and internal use.
TEKAFLEX MS 15 is a one-component sealant on the basis of a hybrid MS polymer, it is elastic and is used for sealing dilatation joints in construction. It is environment friendly.

It is suitable for expansion joints in construction, in greenhouse, for sealing window frames. It is very flexible. For better adhesion on porous surfaces, we recommend to use a Primer KVZ 16. It is resistant to various weather conditions and UV. It can be painted.

  • cartridge: 290 ml
  • sausage: 600 ml
  • especially suitable for places, where there is a lot of dilatation and stress,
  • joints in plastic, metal or concrete,
  • it is useful where joints have to be painted or where silicone sealants are not suitable,
  • for dilatation joints in construction, on outer walls, in green-houses or for sealing window frames.