Tekaflex Hybrid 40

It is used for gluing and sealing containers, cisterns, silos, camping trailers.
Tekaflex Hybrid 40 is neutral, one-part, flexible adhesive and sealant based on hybrid STP-E polymer suitable for sealing and gluing to most materials.

It has a excellent adhesion on metal, wood, concrete, aluminium, glass. A bit worse adhesion on some plastics (PVC, PP, PE). It is used for filling. It is UV resistant and it stays white even under the influence of various loads. It can be painted and sanded. It is environmentally friendly.

  • cartridge: 300 ml
  • sausage: 600 ml
  • suitable for all types of sealing and gluing,
  • for dilatation joints in car industry and shipbuilding,
  • for sealing joints in containers, cisterns, silos …
  • filling in cracks and cavities.