Tekafix Super MS Transparent

It is used for sealing and gluing in any case in which the adhesive should not be visible.
Tekafix Super MS Transparent is a onecomponent sealant and glue, based on a hybrid MS polymer with excellent adhesion to most materials.

It is very suitable for glass-to-glass gluing. It is used in construction, automotive industry, as well as in the industry of refrigerators, trailers, containers and tractors. It may be painted and it is UV resistant.

Cartridge: 290 ml
  • suitable for all types of sealing and gluing,
  • replaces mechanical fixing,
  • replaces glues for wood and other glues,
  • replaces silicon and acrylic sealants,
  • suitable for sealing and gluing in lavatories and other damp places,
  • suitable for sealing joints in construction,
  • joints in car and container industry
  • refrigerator industry,
  • shipbuilding,
  • tractor industry.