Tekafix Multi Use

This is a versatile product.
Tekafix Multi Use is a one-component sealant and adhesive based on hybrid MS polymere with excellent adhesion to most materials.

It efficiently meets any need for sealing and gluing in kitchens, bathrooms and other residential places. It replaces mechanical fixing, wood adhesives and all other adhesives. It can be painted. It does not leave stains. It is almost odourless. It is UV resistant.

  • cartridge: 290 ml
  • tube: 60 ml
  • all types of household sealing and gluing,
  • replaces mechanical fixing,
  • replaces wood- and other adhesives,
  • replaces silicon and acrylic sealants,
  • for gluing mirrors on different surfaces,
  • for sealing and gluing in toilets and other damp places,
  • for building in sinks,
  • for fixing small-size supports and signs on vertical surfaces,
  • for fixing skirting boards on wooden floor,
  • for fixing styrofoam,
  • for gluing windowsills
  • for fixing ceramic tiles,
  • for fixing electric switches and sockets on concrete, wooden and aluminium surfaces.