Tekadom Waterproof Sealant

It is used for fast repairs of leakages and for cracks filling in all weather conditions.
Tekadom Waterproof sealant is an elastic sealant on the basis of synthetic rubber containing solvents. It is used for repairing leakages, crack filling and sealing. It is usable in all weather conditions.

For sealing dry, wet and greasy surfaces; it is suitable for bitumen, asphalt and most plastics. It is mould resistant. It can be painted after 24 hours.

Cartridge: 300 ml
  • for the repair of various leakages,
  • for crack filling,
  • for sealing,
  • for sealing ending bitumen joints,
  • for sealing ridge flashing,
  • for sealing in the field of flat roofing,
  • for sealing roof light domes.