Tekadom Waterproof Coating

It is used for repairing of leakages on various surfaces.
Tekadom Waterproof Coating is liquid, elastoplastic sealant used for repairing leakages, filling cracks and is also used as a protective coating. It is usable in all weather conditions.

It is suitable for terraces, balconies, fences, roofs and borders around chimneys. It can be used in all weather conditions, even when it is raining or snowing. It is suitable for dry, wet and greasy surfaces. It can fill cracks and small holes up to width of 5 mm. It is very flexible and it can be painted.

Dose: 1 l
  • for the repair of various leakages and crack filling,
  • it is a protective substance,
  • it is usable in and outdoors - balconies, terraces, roofs, fences. Suitable also for ditches, chimney flashing …
  • for vehicles, boats …