Tekadom Acryl Rough

It is used for repairing cracks and holes before painting – internal and external use.
Tekadom Rough Acryl is a plastoelastic one-component acrylic-based sealant suitable for sealing internal and external wall cracks.

It does not slump in vertical joints and it has excellent adhesion on porous materials. After curing, it is resistant to various atmospheric conditions, sunlight and ageing.

  • cartridge: 300 ml
  • sausage: 600 ml
  • barrel: 200 l
  • used for sealing cracks and holes during painting,
  • suitable for internal and external use,
  • for better adhesion use a primer, which can be prepared by mixing the acrylic sealant with water (1 part sealant + 3 parts water). For better adhesion to aluminium, use the Primer PL. Wet the surface with a brush or cloth and leave for a few minutes.