Acryl firestop

It is used for sealing joints and cracks in places where fire resistant sealing is required.
Tekadom Firestop is a one-component plastoelastic sealant based on acrylic dispersion, used for movement fire rated joints. Movement accomodation up to 15 %.

It is required in the construction of libraries, archives, hospitals, prisons ... It is suitable for internal joints sealing – for joints and cracks in walls and floors, joints between window frames and doors. In case of fire, it prevents the spread of: fire, smoke, toxic gases and water. It can be painted.

  • cartridge: 300 ml
  • sausage: 600 ml
  • barrel: 200 l
  • for joints in compartment walls and floors, gaps between frames and structures and concrete elements,
  • the product can be used in construction, building, flats, hotels, apartments, prison, office block, hospital, airports, plant rooms. For internal applications only.