Tekadom Aquakit

It is used for fast repairs of leakages at water supply installations, tanks and central heating.
Tekadom Aquakit is a solid mix of epoksi and merkapto sealants and is used for repairing leakages of all sorts even on wet surfaces.

It is suitable for repairing fuel and petrol tanks, for connecting pipes of different diameters, for pipe sealing and for underwater repairs. It may be drilled, cut and ground. It may be painted, as well. It hardens in 15 minutes. It is easy to use. It does not stick to fingers.

Blister: 57 g
  • repairing of leakages in water piping, tanks, central heating,
  • various repairs under water, in swimming pools, aquariums,
  • repair of fuel tanks,
  • connecting pipes of various widths,
  • repairs on boats, vehicles and trailers,
  • sealing pipes,
  • screw renewal,
  • changing cable insulation,
  • usable in connection with drinking water, but after the product has hardened.