Tekadom Acryflex

Extremly flexible plastoelastic sealant used for sealing various materials.

Tekadom Acryflex is a one-component extremly flexible plastoelastic sealant based on special acrylic dispersion. It is used in a wide range of applications. Movement accomodation of the product is up to 20%.

  • 300ml cartridges (A carton of 20 pieces)

  • 400ml or 600ml sausage

  • 200l barrels

    Other ways of packing are available on demand


- Used for sealing various materials-concrete, wood, plaster, ceramic tiles, plaster tiles, glass, aluminium, metals, PVC, steel …

- Used for many commercial, industrial and construction applications where a long-term, permanently flexible seal is required.

Such application include:

• Window and door sealing

• General sealing

• General construction sealing

• Bathroom instalation and sealing

• Aluminium and metal siding

• General industrial application

• For ventilation systems and cool climate systems

• Application where painting is required

• Tiles sealing

• Cabinets

• Etc. (can be used for various applications depending upon substrate)