Tekamal Silika MSM 0-0,3

SIST EN 1504-3, PCC, class R4
Fibre-reinforced repair mortar with microsilica for structural repair. For protection and structural and non-structural repairs of concrete structures. Suitable for repair in more aggressive environments.

Bags: 25 kg


Tekamal Silika MSM 0-0,3 is intended for repair of shallow damages on concrete or mortar and final works on surfaces which have been repaired by concrete or rough mortar on facilities exposed to heavy mechanical or physical loads or chemical corrosion:

  • pilots, pillars and beams on bridges and viaducts,
  • treatment plants,
  • energy generating facilities: hydroelectric power plants, thermal power plants, nuclear power plants,
  • industrial facilities,
  • pre-cast concrete elements,
  • filling rigid joints between concrete elements.