Tekamal Antikor

SIST EN 1504-7, principle 11.1

Cement-based protective coating for rebar and concrete. Recommended as a bonding bridge, too.


Bags: 25 kg

  • Repair of chimney TKK Srpenica
    Repair of chimney TKK Srpenica

Tekamal Antikor is used for the protection of reinforcement steel:

  • When reinforcement is visible and the depth of protective layer is less than 10 mm.
  • In exposed severe environments where additional protection is required.
  • When concrete is contaminated with chlorides.
  • When reinforcement is visible and repair works will be done with the Class R2 repair mortars for non-structural repairs.
  • When it is impossible to apply Class R4 or Class R3 mortars for structural repairs immediately after cleaning the reinforcement.

Tekamal Antikor could also be used as a bonding bridge especially by hand application of repair mortars. They should always be applied "wet-in-wet".