Tekamal Sanirkit

Quick-setting patching mortar.

Patching mortar for quick sealing of porous surfaces with high humidity and repair works at low temperatures.

Bags: 25 kg

Tekamal Sanirkit is an aluminate cement-based, fast-setting and rapid hardening hydraulic mortar. It sets in 20 - 30 minutes, depending on the temperatures of the mixing water, mortar, ambient and the surface onto which it is applied. Low temperature will retard the setting, whereas high temperature will accelerate the setting.

The product is used for:

  • filling and sealing pores and surface imperfections to lock in water,
  • patching and filling spalled concrete where reinforcing rods are exposed and corroded,
  • restoring disintegrated surfaces of old concrete and brick masonry that have become soft and porous,
  • patching concrete pipes, patching precast concrete, etc.