Silifob V

Water-repellent impregnation

Product intended for the protection of brick roofing tiles, silicate bricks, gas concrete, gypsum boards and white mineral renders. The product is not suitable for the protection of poorly absorbing, painted surfaces and concrete.

  • plastic cans: 10 kg
  • plastic drums: 50 kg

Silifob V is a water-repellent impregnation, based on siliconates. It is used as a final coating to protect vertical and inclined surfaces, made of inorganic porous materials, from rain and humidity.

Due to excellent penetration properties, it enables deep pore penetration and, after the complete evaporation of water and termination of chemical reaction (after approx. 24 hours), forms an invisible surface impregnation.

Using Silifob V has the following advantages:

  • reduced efflorescence,
  • because of reduced water absorption, the heat needed for water evaporation is saved – provides heat insulation,
  • vapour permeability remains unchanged – walls breathe normally,
  • structure and colour of the material remain unchanged,
  • improved resistance to algae, fungi and mould – protected surfaces remain clean for a long time.

Silifob V is typically used for the protection of:

  • roof tiles, silicate bricks, gas concrete, white mineral renders, gypsum products.


  • Silifob V must not be used on dark or coloured, badly absorbing or alkali surfaces, i.e. on fresh plaster and concrete. • Plasters and gas concrete have to be at least 28 days old before the application of Silifob V.
  • Silifob V does not bridge cracks wider than capillary cracks.
  • Silifob V does not glue together loosely bound parts of the material.