Silifob N

Protection of construction concrete.

Hydrophobic impregnation intended for the protection of mineral substrates against water absorption and against the action of de-icing salts. It is primarily used for the protection of structural concrete elements in road construction (roads and railway structures).

  • cans: 4 kg
  • drums: 50 kg  

Silifob N is a colourless silan-siloxan based liquid. It is intended for surface protection of concrete from water / humidity and salts. Its excellent absorption properties enable deep pore penetration and, after completed chemical reaction, the formation of an invisible impregnation.

The use of Silifob N enables a substantial reduction in water / humidity and salt absorption, thus reducing:

  • penetration of salt and efflorescence of the material, ž
  • formation of mould and fungi,
  • scaling and flaking of concrete,
  • cracking caused by freezing and thawing in the absence and in the presence of de-icing salts,
  • corrosion of the framework.

Other positive effects are achieved:

  • the structure and colour of concrete remain unchanged,
  • the vapour permeability remains unchanged – concrete can "breathe" normally.

Because of these properties, Silifob N is used for the protection of:

  • concrete elements in road construction: bridges, viaducts, concrete parapets, kerbs,
  • other concrete elements: runways, dams, supportive walls,
  • concrete elements in tall building construction,
  • artificial stone,
  • etc.


  • Concrete has to be at least 28 days old (6 months are recommended) before the application of Silifob N.
  • Silifob N does not bridge cracks wider than capillary cracks.
  • Silifob N does not glue together loosely bound parts of the material.