Silifob MP

Protection for marble and unglazed ceramics.

Product intended for the protection against water/moist absorption, as well as against the absorption of oil and grease. It protects marble (monuments, window sills, kitchen and bar desks, stairs, floors) and unglazed ceramics. Suitable also as an "anti-graffiti" coating.


Cans: 0,4 kg, 4 kg


Silifob MP is a colourless silan-siloxan based liquid with special additives. It is intended for surface protection of porous inorganic materials from water / humidity.

Its excellent absorption properties enable deep pore penetration and, once the solvent has evaporated, the formation of an invisible impregnation.

Compared to other water-repellent silicon finishes, Silifob MP is not only water-repellent – hydrophobic (as in Silifob V, Silifob B, Silifob N), but also oil-repellent – oleophobic. This means that grease, oil, paint stains etc. can be easily removed from surfaces protected by Silifob MP.

Due to the above mentioned properties, Silifob MP is used for the protection of various materials and above all for the protection of:
  • floors made of natural and artificial stone or unglazed ceramic tiles – easier cleaning, protection from dirt,
  • windowsills, tables and headstones made of natural and artificial stone – easier cleaning, protection from dirt,
  • facades made of natural and artificial stone, concrete etc. – reduced water absorption, antigraffiti protection.


  • Silifob MP does not bridge cracks wider than capillary cracks.
  • Silifob MP does not glue together loosely bound parts of the material.