Silifob B

Protection of vertical and inclined surfaces of anorganic porous materials.

Protection of roof tiles, bricks, light-weight cellular concrete, gas concrete, facade plaster, artificial and natural stone ...

  • cans: 0,8 kg
  • cans: 4 kg
  • drums: 160 kg

Silifob B is a colourless solution of silan-siloxan in organic solution. It is used as the final layer on vertical and inclined surfaces of anorganic porous materials to protect them from rain/humidity.

Due to excellent penetration properties, it enables deep pore penetration and, after the complete evaporation of the solvent, forms an invisible surface impregnation.

Using Silifob B has the following advantages:

  • reduced efflorescence,
  • due to reduced water absorption, the heat needed for water evaporation is saved - provides heat insulation,
  • Silifob B does not form a film: the vapour-permeability remains unchanged – the material “breaths” normally,
  • structure and colour of the material remain unchanged,
  • reduced formation of microorganisms (algae, mould, fungi) – protected surfaces remain clean for long.

Due to these properties, Silifob B can be used for the protection of various materials:

  • brick, natural and artificial stone, plaster, concrete, lightweight cellular concrete, aerated concrete, etc.


  • New (fresh) plaster or concrete surfaces have to be at least 28 days old before treatment with Silifob B.
  • Silifob B does not bridge cracks wider than capillary cracks.
  • Silifob B does not glue together loosely bound parts.