Cementol Stabilizator M

Water retaining admixtures and admixtures for underwater concreting, SIST EN 934-2: T4

Particularly suitable for the production of concrete for underwater concreting. They reduce secretion of water from the concrete or mortar, thus preventing concrete bleeding, and segregation and wash-out.


Sacks: 25 kg


Cementol Stabilizer M reduces the secretion of water from concrete or mortar. Due to its water-retaining properties, it can be used in all cases when the secretion of water, resulting in bleeding and segregation of concrete and mortar, needs to be reduced or prevented. The effects of Cementol Stabilizator M make this admixture particularly suitable for:

  • the preparation of concrete and mortar for underwater concreting, which have to be highly cohesive/thyxotropic to reduce the washing out,
  • the preparation of concrete and mortar with a low water content at higher temperatures to reduce the possibility of water loss.