Cementol Gostilec L

Stabilizer – water retaining admixture.

Particularly suitable for the production of pre-cast and self-compacting concrete (SCC). It reduces secretion of water from the concrete, thus preventing concrete segregation and bleeding.

  • Plastic cans: 10 kg

Cementol Gostilec L is a stabilizer – water-retaining admixture, which reduces the secretion of water from concrete, thus reducing / preventing the danger of concrete segregation and enabling the preparation of cohesive, thyxotropic concrete.

Cementol Gostilec L is particularly suitable for:

  • high-slump concrete with added superplasticizers – reduces the possibility of segregation,
  • high-slump self-compacting concrete with added hyperplasticizers – reduces the possibility of segregation,
  • the preparation of more cohesive / thyxotropic concrete for underwater concreting – reduces the possibility of concrete washing out,
  • the preparation of concrete with low water content at high temperatures – reduces the possibility of water loss.