Cementol Zeta-PRAH

Superplasticizer, SIST EN 934-2: T 3.1/3.2

Powdered admixture for the production of all types of high-quality concrete and mortar.

20 kg sacks.
  • Cementol Zeta – PRAH is used for general improvement of concrete / mortar quality. Increased strength of concrete or mortar is obtained by adding the superplasticizer and simultaneously lowering the water-cement ratio. The reduction of mixing water can amount to max. 25 % depending on the dosage of the cement, water-cement ratio, type of cement and dosage of superplasticizer.
  • Workability, placeability and pumpability are improved by using the superplasticizer without lowering the water-cement ratio.
  • Cementol Zeta – PRAH is chiefly used in the production of all types of high quality dry mortars.