Cementol Zeta PLUS

Superplasticizer, SIST EN 934-2: T3.1/3.2 (0,6-1,4 %)
plasticizer, SIST EN 934-2: T2 (0,3-0,5 %)

Modified, new-generation superplasticizer particularly suitable for the production of ready-mix concrete with a slower decrease of concrete workability (consistency). Its composition enables the preparation of durable concrete of all types, it is particularly suitable for the preparation of building-site and transport concrete at higher temperatures. Due to its special composition and wide dosage variation, this product can be used as a plasticizer or superplasticizer.

  • plastic drums: 50 kg
  • containers: 1 m3

The use of Cementol Zeta PLUS enables:

  • the preparation of concrete / poured concrete with good workability and low w/c ratio (no segregation and bleeding),
  • a slower decrease of concrete workability than with the use of traditional superplasticizers,
  • reduced vibration or time of vibration.