Cementol Zeta P-conc

Superplasticizers, SIST EN 934-2: T 3.1 / 3.2

For the production of pre-cast concrete products of high early and final strengths.

  • plastic drums: 60 kg
  • drums: 220 kg
  • containers: 1 m3
  • Viaduct Baba, Trojane
    Viaduct Baba, Trojane

An increase in the strength of concrete is obtained by adding a superplasticizer and simultaneously lowering the water-cement ratio. The reduction of mixing water varies up to 30 %, depending on the dosage of the cement, water-cement ratio, type of cement and dosage of superplasticizers.

Workability, placeability and pumpability are improved by adding a superplasticizer without lowering the water-cement ratio. Cementol Zeta P - conc. is used for pre-cast concrete - enables higher initial strengths of concrete.