Cementol Hiperplast 974

Superplasticizer, SIST EN 934-2: T3.1/3.2

New-generation superplasticizer – hyperplasticizer – for the production of high strength pre-cast concrete elements and ready-mix concrete (ordinary, SCC).

  • Plastic drums: 50 kg
  • Containers: 1 m3

Cementol Hiperplast 974 is a special highly effective new-generation superplasticizer –hyperplasticizer, especially suitable for manufacturing of precast concrete elements at
normal and lower temperatures.

Its use enables:

  • a strong reduction of mixing water with unchanged concrete workability and increased concrete strength at the same time,
  • better concrete workability with unchanged quantity of mixing water,
  • accelerated early-strength development.

Cementol Hiperplast 974 is particularly suitable for the preparation of ordinary concrete, easy-to-built-in concrete and SCC – Self-Compacting Concrete in the precast concrete industry where fast early-strengths are required. The basic instructions for the preparation of SCC have to be followed. The final effect depends on the type and quantity of cement, water-cement ratio, aggregate composition and quantity of Cementol Hiperplast 974.