Cementol Delta Ekstra

Plasticizer intended for general concrete quality improvement.

Plasticizer, SIST EN 934-2: T2. For general improvement of concrete quality. With water retention effect. It improves the plasticity and workability of concrete and increases its strength. Dosage: 0,2–0,6 % per cement mass (0,2–0,6 kg/100 kg cement).

  • Plastic cans: 3 kg, 10 kg
  • Plastic drums: 60 kg
  • Drums: 220 kg
  • Containers: 1 m3

Cementol Delta EKSTRA may delay the initial hydration of cement (depending on the dosage used) but the hardening process is not substantially modified, so that an increase in strenght is obtained in proportion to the reduction in mixing water.

The latter varies between 5 to 10 % depending on the dosage of Cementol Delta EKSTRA. Increased workability and easier placebility is acheved by adding Cementol Delta EKSTRA without lowering the w/c ratio.