Unimaz EKO-conc.

Biodegradable Emulsion for Formworks.
Mould release agent – biodegradable vegetable oils based emulsion for the protection and easier demoulding of moulds. It is easily diluted in water in the proportion up to 1 : 1.
  • plastic cans: 10 kg
  • plastic drums: 45 kg
  • metal drums: 180 kg

Unimaz EKO-conc. is a biodegradable, vegetable oil-based emulsion for formworks, harmless to the environment. Applied in a very thin layer, it creates a protective film between concrete and the surface of a formwork, thus protecting the concrete and formwork/mould, i.e. providing a quality concrete surface and minimum cleaning and wear of the formwork/mould.

Advantages of Unimaz EKO-conc:

  • biodegradable product,
  • smooth surfaces,
  • fewer hollows and other irregularities on the surface of concrete,
  • the surface of concrete does not change colour,
  • fewer traces of powder on formworks/moulds,
  • for the protection of horizontal and vertical surfaces,
  • may be diluted,
  • the product is harmless to health and the environment.