Kontrasol 22 V

Curing agent.

Curing compound – white pigmented emulsion for the protection of fresh concrete from too quick water evaporation.

  • plastic drums 50
  • drums 180 kg
  • Garage Koper
    Garage Koper
Kontrasol 22 V is an aqueous dispersion used for curing – protecting fresh concrete. It can be used on horizontal and vertical surfaces which are freshly concreted and need to be protected from the damaging effects of the sun, wind and rain. It is particularly suitable for concrete roads, airport runways, platforms, terraces and other structures where large concrete surfaces are exposed to atmospheric conditions.


If surfaces protected with Kontrasol 22 V need additional treatment (additional concreting, colouring, coating etc.), the hardened protective layer has to be removed mechanically (grinding, steam curing) before starting any other treatment.