Cementol Penilo 1

Foaming agent for producing foamed - cellular concrete.

For the production of foamed cellular concrete with  specific gravity from 500 kg/m³ to 2000 kg/m³.

  • plastic cans: 10 kg
  • plastic drums: 50 kg

Cementol Penilo 1 is a special agent used to produce lightweight foamed - cellular concrete. Foamed concrete is an excellent building material because it is lightweight, which means reduced loading of the supporting construction. Large volume is obtained with less material thanks to fine and stable foam prepared with Cementol Penilo 1.

Because of its properties Cementol Penilo 1 is used for:

  • Cellular concrete for thermal insulation:
    Concrete with volume mass up to 1000 kg/m3. Limited use: mostly for insulation fillers and as an insulation grout for pillars and hot-water systems.
  • Construction concrete for thermal insulation:
    Concrete with volume mass from 1000 to 1500 kg/m3. Concrete of this type can be used for various purposes: as mortar:  building and plastering, thermal insulation for floors and roofs; for supporting constructions and concrete elements with compressive strength up to 20 MPa: fire barrier walls, facades, precast concrete, building blocks, small-size concreting etc.
  • Supporting cellular concrete:
    Concrete with volume mass over 1500 kg/m3 - mostly used as construction concrete with compressive strength up to 30 MPa: precasting large-size supporting facade elements, prefabricated pillar walls, staircase rails etc. On building sites it is used for grouting panels, pillars, frames, walls etc.