Cementol Antikorodin

Anti-corrosion admixture for concrete and mortar, SIST EN 934-2: T3.1/3.2

For the production of special high-strength and high density concrete, with significantly improved water impermeability and chemical resistance.


Bags: 12 kg

  • Port of Koper
    Port of Koper

Cementol Antikorodin is a powdered admixture for concretes and mortars which strongly improves the resistance of concrete / mortar to various aggressive chemicals, thus thoroughly improving its durability.

  • Industrial chemicals – during the production, storage, or when present in the atmosphere – as well as water and natural earth minerals can corrode concrete and weaken it in relatively short periods of time. The corrosion often remains unnoticed until it becomes dangerous, either because the damage is hidden under a coating, or because the evidence of surface corrosion is being continually removed.
  • Conventional chemically resistant coatings for concrete (epoxy resins, asphalt etc.) are effective where the coating is continuous. If for any reason the coating is broken, corrosion can affect the break and spread under the coating. Repair is expensive and only remedial – it does not solve the problem.

Cementol Antikorodin provides increased resistance throughout the entire mass of the concrete, making protective coatings redundant in many cases and allowing heavy traffic and mechanical wear without deterioration of the protective system.

Because of the described properties, the use of Cementol Antikorodin is recommended for concrete in:

  • fertiliser industry,
  • chemical industry,
  • food industry,
  • marine constructions,
  • exposed highway constructions.