Cementol SMB

Plasticizer for earth-moist and semi-dry concrete.

Plasticizer intended for earth-moist and semi-dry concretes. It is used for general improvement of concrete quality and is particularly suitable for preparing products such as concrete paving blocks, concrete bricks, concrete pipes, concrete for floor heating … 

Dosage: 0,2 – 0,5 % per cement mass (0,2 – 0,5 kg/100 kg cement).

  • plastic cans: 3 kg, 10 kg
  • plastic drums: 50 kg
  • containers: 1 m³
Cementol SMB is especially intended for improving the quality of earth-moist and semi-dry concretes: concrete paving blocks, concrete bricks, concrete pipes, etc., as well as for concretes for floor-heating. It enables a 5 – 10 % reduction of mixing water, depending on the type of cement, dosage of cement and dosage of Cementol SMB.

It improves placeability and compaction and thus enables reaching increased concrete weights and greater strength.