Cementol Lateks SB

Admixture for the increase of adhesion and production of polymer-modified mortars and concretes.

Polymer dispersion for adhesion improvement between fresh and hardened concrete, for the production of thin-bed adhesive, repair mortar and concrete.

  • plastic drums: 50 kg
  • containers: 1 m3

Cementol Lateks SB is styrene-butadiene based water dispersion, used as an admixture for mortar and concrete to achieve:

  • improvement of mechanical strength, particularly significant improvement of the adhesion of fresh concrete or mortar to hardened concrete or mortar,
  • improvement of the resistance of hardened mortar or concrete to the action of salt, dissolved acid or alkaline substances, oil and gasoline,
  • improved workability of fresh mortar or concrete,
  • improved impermeability and subsequently a reduction of permeability for water, oil, mineral oil, gasoline etc.,
  • improved resistance to abrasion.

This makes Cementol Lateks SB suitable for the production of:

  • polymer-modified mortar and concrete, exposed to larger mechanical, physical or chemical wear,
  • repair and adhesive mortars,
  • binding layers between hardened concrete and new (fresh) concrete or mortar.