Cementol Elastosil 34 - PRAH

Powdered binding agent for polymermodified mortars and concretes.

Powdered agent for adhesion improvement between fresh and hardened concrete, for the production of thin-bed adhesive, repair mortar and concrete.


Bags: 25 kg


Cementol Elastosil 34 – PRAH is a redispersible polymer powder used as a mortar or a concrete additive to achieve:

  • improved workability,
  • better water retention – less evaporation,
  • improved adhesion of fresh mortars and concretes on hardened mortars and concretes of concrete / mortar,
  • improved impermeability to water and other substances (oil, benzine, etc.),
  • improved resistance to abrasion.

Due to its properties, Cementol Elastosil 34 – PRAH is primarily used to prepare high quality dry cement-based repair mortars and thin-bed adhesives for ceramic tiles and other building materials.