Cementol Elastosil 34

Liquid binding agent intended for adhesion improvement between fresh and already hardened concrete.

Binding agent for polymer-modified mortars and concretes. Polymer dispersion for adhesion improvement between fresh and hardened concrete, for the production of thin-bed adhesive, repair mortar and concrete. It is used for the preparation of thinbed adhesives and repair mortars and concretes. It improves mechanical, chemical and abrasion resistance of mortars and concretes.

Prior to use it should be diluted with water in the proportion Cementol Elastosil 34 : water = 1 : 1 up to 1 : 3 (volume or mass parts); the solution should be added in a quantity sufficient to achieve suitable workability.

  • plastic cans: 1 kg, 3 kg, 10 kg
  • plastic drums: 50 kg
  • containers: 1 m3

Cementol Elastosil 34 is a water dispersion of polymers used as a mortar or concrete additive to achieve:

  • improved strength, particularly improved adhesion of fresh concrete or mortar on already hardened concrete / mortar,
  • improved resistance to oil, benzine, diluted acids and bases,
  • improved workability of concrete / mortar,
  • improved impermeability to water and other substances (oil, benzine, etc.),
  • improved resistance to abrasion.

Because of these properties, Cementol Elastosil 34 is particularly recommended for the production of:

  • polymer-modified mortars and concretes exposed to great mechanical, physical or chemical wear,
  • repair mortars and thin-bed adhesives,
  • binding layers between hardened concrete and new / fresh concrete or mortar.