Quality, environment, health, security and preventing major accidents

The integral policy of the management system includes the policies in the areas of quality, process safety and prevention of major accidents, actions in relation to the environment and the safety and health of the employees. We at TKK understand the quality as the satisfaction of our employees and exceeding the expectations of the customers for our products and services.

At the same time, we are aware of our short-term and long-term responsibility towards the community and the general public which is reflected in the requirements to ensure process safety, the smallest possible impact on the environment and maintenance of a safe and healthy working area. An ingredient of the integral policy is the continual follow-up of achievement of the measurable objectives within specific areas.
TKK strives to ensure process safety in its operating activities as well as health of plant employees and the population in the plant’s vicinity, as well as the environment protection. Our goal is to operate without major accidents that could be harmful for our employees, the surroundings and our business activities.

We use hazardous materials in our operations, and therefore there is a possibility of uncontrolled release of these materials from the plant into the surroundings, where they could cause harmful effects for the humans and the environment. We have therefore decided to establish and maintain a high level of protection from extraordinary events in the plant by making our best efforts to prevent them and reduce their effects, if any. This obligation is reflected in this policy we are carrying out with the support of the management and cooperation of all employees and which is made known to our contractual partners and the general public.