Aware of the fact that our high goals can only be achieved through efficient, innovative, flexible and motivated personnel, we have always paid a lot of attention to constant training and education of every individual. At the same time, we try to create an environment enabling personal growth, because we have always relied on our own development and home expertise. Henceforth, we help our employees carve out their careers, taking into account their personal interests and awarding them for their results. The latter, namely, the recognition of the importance of every individual is probably the most distinctive feature of our company.

Motivating and safe workplace are also created through the organization of work. Rewarded either materially or in some other ways, the personnel is eager to reach the goals and to produce excellent results.

And last but not least, we constantly keep our workers up to date with what is going on in the company, thus fostering common values and visions and make them feel they are indispensable for the company. The staff’s loyalty is also increased through activities which improve their personal lives.