Year Activity
1850 the sale of chalk found at the area of the present TKK Srpenica
1947 foundation of the company Kreda
1958 the company starts producing mastic, using local chalk as a refill
1963 beginning of the production of admixtures for concrete
1973 building of a modern technological plant and the onset of the production of driers lacquers and points
1975 TKK Chemical and chalk factory joint to Helios Dom┼żale
1977 the onset of the production of sealants
1987 separation from Helios
1990 TKK Srpenica as an independent stock company
1992 the beginning of production of polyurethane foam
1997 the start of a new line for the polyurethane foam production
2004 new production line for admixtures for concrete and mortar
2005 new production line for sealants
2006 new warehouse for raw material
2007 TKK Srpenica, ltd as one of the leading world producers of the polyurethane foam
2013 Soudal becomes the owner of TKK Srpenica