Tekadom HydroBlocker Power

For waterproofing horizontal and vertical surfaces and sealing various types of leaks.

TEKADOM HydroBlocker Power (liquid membrane) is a one-component sealant without solvents, used for sealing and waterproofing.

It is suitable for waterproofing terraces, balconies, roofs and other surfaces. It is the ideal solution for waterproofing beneath the bathroom tiles. Extremely workable (simple application with a brush) and solvent-free. Good adhesion to a number of surfaces, including old and wet. UV resistant and easily painted over. It is vapour-permeable.


Dose: 5 kg and 20 kg

  • For waterproofing flat roofs, terraces, balconies etc.

  • For waterproofing beneath the tiles (bathrooms, balconies etc.)

  • For sealing gutters, skylights, domes, chimney seams and other roof openings.

  • For sealing leaks and other cracks on the walls and the roof.