Tekamal Hidroizol S

SIST EN 1504-2, PCC, principles 2.2 / 6.1 / 8.2

Dry mixture intended for the repair and additional protection of damp concrete floors, cellars, terraces, water tanks (also for drinking water), sewage systems and tunnels. It is a cement-based water-impermeable coating with increased flexibility. Due to improved chemical resistance, it can also be used for the protection of drains for fuel, for concrete silos, etc.

For the sealing of passive structural joints we recommend simultaneous use of sealing tapes of the type Tekatrak Hidroizol.

Consumption: approx. 1,8 kg/m2/ mm.


Bags: 5 kg, 25 kg


Tekamal Hidroizol S protects against water or damp penetration and is as such used for sealing or repairing:

  • balconies and terraces,
  • walls affected by damp,
  • cellars,
  • water tanks (also for drinking water),
  • tunnels, etc.

Due to increased resistance to chemicals it can also be used for the protection of (1):

  • gathering shafts and fuel pools,
  • concrete silos, etc.